„No Coal for Displaced Persons …“

Case update: Appeal to the Ministry for reconstruction, development and return of the Tuzla Canton.

At its regular session in August 2010, the Tuzla Canton (TC) Government approved the funding in the amount of more than KM 200.000 for coal purchase intended for the refugee settlements and most vulnerable categories of displaced persons residing in the individual accommodation.  These funds were intended for the persons residing in the refugee settlements, Dutch Government sponsored houses, providing that they met the set criteria.  However, due to the problems relating to tenders, i.e., a complaint by one of the bidders, the coal has still not been delivered.  Due to such circumstances and bad weather conditions, many displaced persons from the collective settlements in the area of Tuzla Canton approach VPBiH Tuzla for legal aid in addressing this problem.

We enquired with the competent authorities and they informed us that the Decision by the TC Government had not been carried out due to the tender-related problems, i.e., one of the bidders filed a complaint. The problem was most likely politicised, because the TC Government had still not been formed at the time and there was also a problem related to the transfer of money from the last year into this year, which is completely unjustified.  Because of such omission, a large number of displaced persons residing in the collective settlements was forced to purchase the coal for heating by themselves, and the remaining population is practically freezing on these cold days.