Visits to the Collective Centre Gronja Kolonija in Jablanica

The Mobile Team of Association ‘Vaša prava BiH’ Mostar, consisting of the lawyers providing free legal aid, visited the Municipality Jablanica and Collective Centre Gornja Kolonija on 15 February 2011, when they met with the Manager of this Collective Centre, Mr. Ramiz Rokša, and the residents of the Centre.

On this occasion, the lawyers were informed of the problems faced by the residents, who had been residing in this Collective Centre for a long time.  At present the Centre houses 10 (ten) families with some 30 (thirty) household members.  It is interesting to note that their homes are under construction, i.e. reconstruction, in their pre-war place of residence (Foča) under the Project headed by the German non-governmental organisation ‘HELP’ Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe and Federal Ministry for Displaced Persons. So far, on behalf of the residents of this Centre, the Mobile Team of Association ‘Vaša prava BiH’ Mostar has drafted a series of the submissions  towards the relevant authorities seeking exercise of their rights, ranging from property reconstruction, a need to regulate their labour status with the pre-war employer, to applications for farming machines and other types of submissions.  The Association will continue to provide free legal aid, focusing in particular on the residents of the Collective Centres.

However, another six families residing in this Collective Centre have been waiting for donations, as that seems to be the only way to resolve their housing problem.  Some of them have been in this Centre since its inception, and they find it hard to understand that after so many submitted applications for reconstruction of their homes, there is still no way to provide them with better and more permanent accommodation, or create conditions for their dignified, peaceful, and safe return to their pre-war places of habitual residence.