Incest is not happening somewhere out there, the worst kind of child sexual abuse is happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina

When it comes to incest, usually the first reaction is that it is happening somewhere else and that there are no such cases “around us”. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, the incest happens in our society/country more often than we can imagine. Out off all the abuses, the largest number of undisclosed cases are incest cases because they take place in great discretion and under blackmail. Incest is the best kept secret. A large number of mental health professionals believe that most cases are never detected. It happens that certain cases of incest are detected but not officially reported.

News portal in an article Incest in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Who are the monsters who raped their daughters? has written about incest cases that are known to the public and have taken place in the last ten years in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of the article is a statement by Sociologist. Srdjan Vukadinovic, who states: “This phenomenon is extremely present in society, and due to the fact that it is a taboo topic, it is still being pushed under the rug because in our society this is a great shame, both for the family and the victim. We should be talking, screaming about it, because by keeping silent we are doing more harm by leaving the room for pathological personalities to continue with their misdeeds and everything happens to us all over again. “