Violence is not a private matter

Partnership violence is usually seen as a private affair and many believe that one should not “interfere” in a two-person relationship when it escalates with significant physical abuse.

Halfway through last year, the portal My Town published an article, “The future detective,” fractured a jaw to a girl in a cafe, which reported that a drunk young man, a second-year Law-enforcement student, fractured a jaw with a glass cup to his ex-girlfriend.


Had the cafe guests or a waiter reacted in time, the girl could have passed without any serious injury. The article stated: “As the victim told us, the ex-boyfriend slapped her in front of the guests and the waiter, he knew, without anyone” moving a finger ” to protect her. After that, she hid in the toilet and called the police. As she waited for the police to arrive, she tells us that the café guests were “persuading” her to come out of the toilet, telling her that “she would be fine” and that he will not do anything else to her. In the meantime, she says, a police patrol called her and announced/confirmed her arrival, which encouraged her to get out of the toilet. As she was exiting from the cafe, Rajkovic “grabbed a large glass and had hit her in the head.”


Violence is not a private matter and should always be reported, especially in cases of significant physical violence. We never know when violence can happen to us or to our loved ones and that is why we must send a message to the abusers that every time they commit violence, they will be reported and held responsible because there is no justification for the violence.