Forcing a spouse to prostitute

The news and radio portal posted a shocking news: A married couple from Bosnia and Herzegovina: He promised his wife a comfortable life and forced her into prostitution, which reads the following: “Person with initials K.M. stated that she had long been a victim of violence from her husband, also a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the wedding, her husband “took her” to Italy, promising a leisurely life, but on their arrival to the Apennines he had forced her to prostitute on the street. ”

One of the most egregious forms of sexual violence, which has major physical and psychological consequences for a woman’s health, is prostitution. The most common reason for this behavior of abusers is the acquisition of material profits to secure a comfortable life. In this case, a woman is treated as a thing that makes money in an easy way for her partner. Women are blackmailed and kept in isolation and in constant fear that the abuser will murder them or do something terrible to their dear ones if they tell someone what they are doing. Very often, they completely lose their self-respect and self-esteem and are ashamed to admit to anyone what they are forced to do and fearing condemnation and rejection of the society/their environment.

When such abuse is discovered, or if a woman finds courage and reports a perpetrator, it is imperative that professionals in institutions have a sensitised approach approached and are promptly provided with medical and psychological help and support.