The untimely response of the competent institutions and the lack of adequate punishment sends a message to the abusers to continue the violence

Domestic violence happens on a daily basis. Police departments in Bosnia and Herzegovina receive several dozen reports each day. After intervening and recording the incident, the police follows the procedure prescribed by Law. The perpetrator of domestic violence is given protective measures and / or imposed a sentence. Practice shows that in some cases abusers violate safeguards without being sanctioned or just reprimanded. After that, more severe punishment is imposed on a small number of abusers. Such practices can lead to violence recurring and women and children constantly living in fear of the abuser.

Portal Factor in an article Victim with children seeking a protection at the at the police station: proposed custody/detention for Banja Luka abuser, reports on long-term violence where the abuser is not timely and properly sanctioned.

Among other things, it is stated: “This is an abuser who physically and mentally abused a woman for a long period of time, which she repeatedly reported to the relevant authorities, and four years ago she and her two children stayed in a Safe house in Banja Luka. After the latest threats, as we found out, she went to the relevant police station with her children, and told the police that she would not leave the police station, fearing the abuser, until they helped and protected her. ”

Victims of violence should be informed of their rights and ask the relevant institutions to comply with the Law. For help with information on rights and how to deal with cases of domestic violence, you can seek help from legal aid organizations such as Vasa prava BiH.