VPBiH Participation in the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Teams and Twinning Project

In December the Ministry of Security BiH – Anti-Trafficking Department and NGO Emmaus organised intensified activities for the earlier established Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Teams (established in support of the State Investigations and Protection Agency).  Previously, on 29 and 30 November 2010 a conference was held in Bijeljina dedicated to the cross-border cooperation and promotion of the procedures for return and reintegration of the trafficking victims between BiH, the Republic of Croatia and Republic of Serbia.  In addition to the regional team members (Tuzla area), the conference was also attended by the Judges and Prosecutors from the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Croatia.  VPBiH was also present at the conference, when it delivered a brief presentation about the procedures and activities we had been implementing to assist the potential and registered victims of human trafficking.  This conference served as a unique platform for reinforcing the regional cooperation in providing assistance to the trafficking victims and promoting the cross-border cooperation.

– On 7 and 8 December 2010 a two-day seminar – training for the Regional Team Tuzla (core members) was organised in Gračanica with active participation of the VPBiH Tuzla lawyers.  This training aimed to improve the Draft Guidelines for Regional Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Teams and facilitate the work and cooperation among all actors involved in the procedure.  The seminar also included a practical case study, i.e. the efforts to remove the problems and difficulties identified in practice.

– On 16 December 2010 Office of the State Coordinator for Anti-Trafficking organised a round table under the Twinning Project entitled ‘Support to the Ministry of Security BiH, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees and Other Competent Authorities in Effective Migration Management’.  In addition to the aforementioned state bodies, the round table also gathered representatives from the State Investigations and Protection Agency, Foreign National Services, Ministry of Justice, BiH State Court, BiH State Prosecutor, VPBiH, as well as other NGO’s.  The objective of the round table was to adopt the Draft Guidelines for Implementation of Action Standards for All Actors Involved in the Procedure for Protection of the Human Trafficking Victims designed to replace the former Vlašić Procedures.  The European Commission had established that the Guidelines should be amended, so as to focus more on protection of the rights of human trafficking victims.