Roma support projects

In 2008 UNHCR and Association “Vaša prava BiH” began implementing project ”Social Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian in the South-Eastern Europe’.  The targeted group under this Project is Roma population requiring the civil registration and provision of personal documents.  In addition to regulating personal status, the Project also allows access to other rights, such as a right to education, employment, medical insurance and social rights.

Presently, in collaboration with UNHCR, Association “Vaša prava BiH” is providing free legal aid to Roma in BiH under project ‘Support to the Most Vulnerable Roma Groups in BiH’ funded by Switzerland and Lichtenstein and regional project ‘Social Inclusion: Regional Support to the Marginalised Communities’ funded by the EU.  It is important to note that this Project supports the collaboration with other non-governmental organisations in the region, thereby facilitating the civil registration in the neighbouring countries, as well as collecting the certificates from the civil registers in those countries.

Roma mediators extend considerable assistance to Association ‘Vaša prava BiH’ in implementation of the above Projects.  In collaboration with the Roma NGO’s, Association ‘Vaša prava BiH’ has participated in the awareness raising campaign on significance of civil registration and the collaboration continues through joint organisation of the seminars, meetings and workshops.  Association ‘Vaša prava BiH’ has signed the Contracts with Roma associations ‘Savez Roma RS’ and ‘Kali Sara’.  These activities will be continued throughout the year 2011.