Birth certificates without expiry term

The new Law on Civil Registers of the Republic Srpska (“RS Official Gazette” 111/09”) entered into force in December 2009.  The most significant novelty introduced by the Law is a facilitated procedure for obtaining the certificates from the civil registers, as well as the provision to use the certificates older than six months in the legal transactions, which had not been the case before.

The citizens can now obtain the birth, citizenship, marriage and death certificates from the civil registers on the new protected forms, which do not have an expiry term.  The responsibility for putting these documents in the legal transactions rests on clients in need of putting such documents in the legal transactions.  Before December 2009 those documents had only been valid for six months.  Furthermore, the Law provides for electronic maintaining of the civil registers and after all Registry Offices have been linked into a single network accordingly, it will be possible to obtain the certificates from the civil registers in any registry office in the RS, or even by internet at the individual requests.

The Law also emphasizes the need to educate the registrars, and provides for accountability when issuing the personal documents by introducing the administrative supervision over their practices to ensure greater security of the documents.  It is also harmonised with other relevant laws that were subject to amending in the meantime (e.g. Law on Local Administration).  The above Law is also harmonised with the RS Family Law, and Amendments to the Law on Citizenship etc.