Marriage rape is a form of sexual violence and often happens

Sexual violence against a spouse manifests itself in different ways, one of which is rape. In patriarchal societies, such as in large part the society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is considered that a woman is obliged to have sexual intercourse with her husband at any time when she is required and in any way he requires.

Because of this understanding, women do not recognize the act of engaging in sexual activity beyond their will as violence, considering it to be their “marital obligation”. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, marriage rape is prohibited and punishable by Law.

In the article Domestic violence often resulting in rape marriage is rarely discussed published by the Klix- news portal, a Safe house employee stated:” a great number of women were sheltered as protective measures from physical and psychological violence perpetrated by partners, during the psychosocial treatment sometimes testify for the first time that they were also victims of marital rape or other forms of sexual violence. ”

There is a need to talk more about this problem and to raise awareness, both women and men, that such things are not allowed and are punishable. The spouses are equal and should respect each other.