International Romani Day-April 8th

International Romani Day is celebrated in honor of the first World Congress of Roma, held in April 1971 in London. The Congress adopted the decision on the Roma flag and official anthem. Roma flag is in the lower part of the green color that symbolizes the earth, and in the upper part of the blue that symbolizes the sky. Red wheel in the middle of the flag symbolizes travel and migration of Roma.

Publication Roma Belong

This report synthesizes the findings of the #RomaBelong project, which set out to explore the nexus between statelessness, discrimination and marginalization of Romani people in Eu-ropean Union candidate and neighborhood countries in the Western Balkans… Read More »Publication Roma Belong

First Identity cards for naturalised refugees in BiH

First ID cards were issued for the naturalized Roma refugees fro Prijedor area. Acquiring BiH citizenship will enable these people to apply for social housing assistance as they currently live in uninhabited deserted properties. More….

Romani culture: Power of your stories

Following the photo-competition Romska kultura gledana kroz vase oci, we have seen how litlle is actually known about the Romani culture which stays suppressed by existing stereotypes in the society.

It is time to show the other part of the story. The one of Roma people, valuable citizens who maintain their culture and take pride in their roots. Therefore, we decided to call on you, everybody, who feels that their voice should be heard.

Seven Roma children and one adult person first time registered in the Birth Books

(Bosanski) Udruženje ”Vaša prava BiH” i Predstavništvo UNHCR Bosne i Hercegovine su dana 10.04.2014 godine obilježili Dan Roma na način da su na ceremonijama upriličenim u matičnim uredima u Mostaru i Živinicama organizirali da sedmoro djece i jedna odrasla osoba po prvi put dobiju izvode iz matičnih knjiga, čime im je država zvanično priznala pravni identitet. Kroz dugogodišnji rad na prevenciji apatridije uočeno je da najveći broj osoba koje su u riziku od apatridije pripada romskoj nacionalnoj manjini.