International Romani Day-April 8th

International Romani Day is celebrated in honor of the first World Congress of Roma, held in April 1971 in London. The Congress adopted the decision on the Roma flag... Read more »

An appeal to the authorities to respect the obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

(Bosanski) Udruženje "Vaša prava Bosne i Hercegovine" uputilo je službeni dopis predsjedavajućem Vijeća ministara Bosne i Hercegovine kojim se nadležni pozivaju da poštuju obaveze iz Evropske konvencije o ljudskim... Read more »

(Bosanski) Objavljivanje imena osoba u izolaciji uzrokovat će više štete od koristi

Sorry, this entry is only available in Bosanski. Read more »


In the wake of new cases and the urgency to halt the spread of COVID-19, BiH authorities have decided to implement a curfew for those living and staying in... Read more »

The Commissioner calls on Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve assistance to asylum-seekers and migrants

In a letter addressed to the Ministers for Human Rights and Refugees and for Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina published today, Commissioner Mijatović urges the authorities to spare no... Read more »

NGO statement ahead of the EU-Western Balkans Summit of 17 May 2018

On Thursday 17 May, EU Heads of State are meeting their counterparts from the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and... Read more »