Romani culture: Power of your stories

Following the photo-competition Romska kultura gledana kroz vase oci, we have seen how litlle is actually known about the Romani culture which stays suppressed by existing stereotypes in the... Read more »

Building Strong Civil Society in BiH Assumes Protection of Children’s Rights at all Levels of Government

Results of the EU funded project “Children’s Role for a Strong Civil Society” were presented in on 31st July 2014, Sarajevo, in presence of representatives of the EU Delegation... Read more »

Enforcing decissons of the Constitutional Court of BiH

(Bosanski) U savremenim evropskim ustavnopravnim sistemima Ustavni sud zauzima posebno mjesto, budući da brani osnovne principe i načela ustavnopravnih sistema. Ustavni sud BiH je institucija za zaštitu ustavnopravnog poretka,... Read more »